To many in the tech world, software developer Loren Brichter is a user interface wizard. Best known for innovations like, "swipe-across menus," and "pull-to-refresh," Brichter has come up with intuitive gesture controls that are now commonplace among many mobile applications.

Brichter also created Tweetie, a popular Twitter app that led the company to hire him to refine their official versions. Since leaving the company about a year ago, Brichter has been spending time on his next project - a game! And that game is called Letterpress.

Much like Words With Friends, Letterpress is a social word game that you play ... with your friends! Each game starts out with a 5x5 board of tiles. When you come up with a word, you "own" the tiles that you end up using, designated by your assigned color. The way to win is to end up with the most tiles assigned to your color when they all end up being used.

How does this game stack up to all the other word games out there already? Find out for yourself and download Letterpress for free for your iPhone & iPad.

There will be no shortage of random opponents out there to play with. Letterpress is currently tearing up the charts after only being live for one day. [Ben already kicked my butt at this game, but I shall have my revenge! — Ed.]