Any title featuring both the Incredibles and the Avengers is bound to be monumental, especially for this figurine-based sandbox series.

Marvel Entertainment and Disney Interactive Studios are planning to officially announce the details of their combined Disney Infinity title later this month, Polygon reports. This is based off of an official invitation that was sent from Disney and Marvel to Polygon to invite them to a media event which will be showing off this new collaboration.

Polygon's invitation came in the form of a picture of Disney Infinity logo that was placed on the background of Captain America's shield, which builds off of the recently released teaser trailer for what was called "Disney Infinity 2.0." The trailer depicted Steve Rogers' trademark weapon flying through the air over many Disney Infinity characters, hinting that the Captain was on the way.

Disney Interactive's media event is scheduled to take place on April 30 and will finally let us know as to whether this is indeed a new title or simply an expansion to the original Disney Infinity.