In spite of preparing to give the pink slip to hundreds of employees, Disney Interactive Studios is reported to be expanding Disney Infinity, their popular hybrid of video games and action figures, to both Star Wars and Marvel Comics.

Sure, Skylanders might have done it first and might have a significant fanbase, but the familiar faces featured in Disney Infinity helped the game appeal to larger audiences as its sales have started to steadily increase. According to the Wall Street Journal, it looks as if now Disney Infinity is branching out even further to include creatures and characters from both Marvel Comics and the Star Wars universe. Unfortunately, in light of this great news for the team at Disney Interactive, hundreds of their employees are expected to get the boot.

In anticipation of its its quarterly financial results (which have been reported to be on the decline), hundreds of Disney Interactive's 3000+ employees are expected to be given a pink slip, with the senior executive staff being shuffled around to other departments as massive, internal reorganization is being planned by Disney Interactive's President, Jimmy Pitaro.

What's interesting to note is that Disney Interactive also acts as a distributor for the upcoming Square-Enix titles of Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix and Kingdom Hearts 3, but we would expect that the layoffs that are inbound for the company would not bear any major setbacks to the development of these titles.

That Disney would turn to Marvel and Star Wars for Infinity spin-offs makes sense, but until we actually see when and where the games will show up, we'll try not to get to excited by the prospects of playing in the Toy Box with Spider-Man, Luke Skywalker and Buzz Lightyear all at once.

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