Some of your favorite Disney characters are going to be meeting up with the greatest superheroes Marvel has to offer in Disney Infinity 2.0 Edition.

We previously mentioned that Disney Interactive Studios were developing both Marvel and 'Star Wars' versions of Disney Infinity. This teaser video doesn't necessary show any exact details, but its tagline: "Get Ready to Assemble," along with a certain flying shield, hints that some of our favorite Marvel characters will be joining the already impressive cast of Disney Infinity.

During the video, a red and blue blur can be seen bouncing throughout the skies and through Disney Infinity's Toy Boy game mode. As Jack Sparrow, Mr. Incredible and Sulley are seen moving blocks around, the blue rushes overhead. In the following scene, Buzz Lightyear is racing Dash as the blur passes them as well. Mike Wazowski is seen about to fight a giant robot as the blur takes off the robot's head, saving Mike in the process. The blur slows down and turns out to be the shield of Captain America.

Unfortunately, no sort of launch window or console availability has been announced or confirmed for Disney Infinity 2.0. Stay tuned as we will continue to provide more information on this newest addition to the Disney Infinity franchise as it becomes available.