Continuing its domination of every type of media, Marvel has announced a new real-time co-op brawler, Marvel Mighty Heroes, coming soon to mobile devices everywhere in the galaxy.

You and up to three friend can duke it out with the fiercest foes the Marvel universe has to offer. Spider-Man, Star Lord, Captain America, Black Widow, Iron Man, and countless other superheroes and villains will be available for you to play as. Marvel and DeNa are looking to build off the success of Marvel War of Heroes with the new tactical battle game. According to Barry Dorf, vice president of Partnerships and Alliances at game development company DeNa, Might Heroes will "combine evolving Marvel stories with enthralling co-op and competitive multiplayer gameplay."

The phrase "free-to-play" was carefully avoided when describing Marvel Mighty Heroes, but given that players can register to vote for the Hulk or Rocket Raccoon as a free initial character, smart money's on this brawler costing no money up front and lots of money in the long run. Still, just because a game's free to play doesn't mean it's going to stink worse than The Rhino does inside his suit; maybe this will be the rare game which remembers what Uncle Ben told Pete: "With great fun, comes great profitability... so long as you don't add in, like, a billion in-app purchases and gate all the content behind timed tokens and gems and all that other bullcrap."

Marvel Mighty Heroes is set for release in the summer of 2015, and will arrive on iOS and Android devices.