This E3 2014 trailer for Mario Party 10 shows what happens when you let Bowser become in charge of the Mushroom Kingdom's festivities.

Nintendo has announced that its festive series of minigames has returned with Mario Party 10. As usual, expect your regular collection of fun, but competitive, Mario Party games featuring some of your favorite characters from the Mario franchise. This time around, King Koopa has decided to call the shots with "Bowser Party," which takes the player carrying the Wii U GamePad and has them acting as Mario's longtime antagonist.

Bowser Party will alter the minigames of Mario Party 10, having the big bad Koopa breathing fire and creating chaos as your friends are in the middle of a match. Mario Party 10 will be compatible with Nintendo's new amiibo figurines, but the Big N has yet to say how they would be integrated into the game. Expect Mario Party 10 as a Wii U exclusive sometime in 2015.