Make it Rain, an iPhone and Android game by Space Inch Games, has racked up more than a million downloads, and is apparently making its publisher $50 thousand a day. It’s also the single stupidest game I’ve ever seen.

A reported on VentureBeat, Make it Rain, a game that consists entirely of swiping your screen to imitate peeling bills off a pile of cash, is bringing in around $50,000.00 per day in advertising revenue and in-game purchases. This staggering number is even more impressive/upsetting when you consider that the game was made for around $1,000 and was intended to be a glorified referral link to their other, more robust game, Disco Bees.

Space Inch is just as baffled as the rest of us at the game’s jaw-dropping success. Joshua Segall, the co-founder of developer Space Inch remarked, “We didn’t think it would be wildly popular…but it is…and we really didn’t even do anything.” He added, "We really don’t know what happened.”

The fact that a "game" based on a crass, pompous action popularized in hip-hop videos and strip clubs is the number one download is disheartening. While mobile platforms are still host to endless examples of poorly-designed shovelware, there is also a concerted effort by some developers to raise the bar by creating well-crafted, innovative gaming experiences that take advantage of the unique strengths of phones and tablets. The success of Make it Rain sends a clear message to those developers that they are wasting their time, and that people would rather emulate the actions of the soon-to-be-formerly-rich than bother with an actual game.