Atlus has decided that the Western part of the world needs some more tactical RPGs, so it's releasing Lost Dimension in North America.

Atlus is gearing up its cataclysmic RPG, Lost Dimension, for North America. The game is all about your struggle to figure out who in your group of psychic friends is a traitor before you reach The End. If you're wondering why I capitalized "The End," it's because that is the actual name of the extraterrestrial being terrorizing the planet that you will need to defeat. If you fail your mission, The End will, well, end the world... at least it lives up to its name.

The tricky part of figuring out which of your friends is the mole is that you won't actually know if you've excommunicated (and by excommunicated we mean murdered) the right person until you get to The End. If you end up letting a traitor stay in your party, that person will turn on you when you're battling The End, making it harder to win. Of course, the traitors are randomly generated at the start of each game, so it won't be easy to figure out who the traitors are just by reloading your save.

While all of your friends are psychic, they're not necessarily the Charles Xavier-kind of psychic. There's one girl who, "controls molecular behavior to burn or freeze anything/anyone in her path." Human popsicle anyone? In order to figure out who the traitor is, you will need to memorize these special abilities as well as get closer to your friends by talking to them in-between battles and taking note of who is and isn't participating.

Lost Dimension will be coming out for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita this summer when you will find out how good you are at sussing out liars. We hope you're good at reading poker faces.

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