Tozai Games is bringing back the '80s with the 30th anniversary of Lode Runner, and starting today iOS and Android gamers can download Lode Runner Classic on their respective devices.

This remastered version of the popular Apple II game contains new graphics but most importantly 150 levels that will take elderly or old school craving gamers back to 1983. "Lode Runner has a special status in the game industry and continues to find new fans as it is reintroduced on new platforms," said Tozai co-founder Scott K. Tsumura. "We're proud of how well the classic gameplay comes through on the smartphone."

The single player title has gamers avoiding enemies while running and climbing on platforms in search of gold. Lode Runner Classic also includes two added game modes titled Expedition and Time Attack, and gamers can also post their scores on Facebook. For 2D lovers who want an up close and personal peek at their pixels, the game can also be played on the iPad. Look for our review soon!