Apparently if you're going to be square, you're at least going to be a curvy square in the tech world. LG's newest monitor is no exception.

LG has great news for players who think their current monitors are a little too flat for their liking -- it's coming out with a brand new curved display specifically designed with gamers in mind. The new monitor will boast a 21:9 aspect ratio at 34 inches, and also has high-end color accuracy so that you can see what's transpiring on-screen clearly. The Verge reports that LG is, "describing the new curved UltraWide as one of its best yet, promising unrivaled color accuracy thanks to the UltraWide's IPS panel, ability to output 99 percent of the sRBG color gamut and 178 degrees of pristine viewing angles." If that's not enough for you, or you think that you were fine with your flat monitor, LG will also be coming out with a flat version of UltraWide.

LG has yet to come out with an official name or an official price for the UltraWide monitor, but we're waiting in anticipation to see how much this baby will cost us. Or, you know, how much four of them will cost us, if you want to be crazy. Odds are we'll hear more next week during CES.