Level-5 has had a pretty busy year, but it's hyping up an even bigger 2015 for American audiences.

Recently on its Twitter, Level-5 International America posted a pretty ambiguous post about LBX (or Little Battlers Experience) and Yo-Kai Watch. LBX originally debuted for PlayStation Portable in 2011 and has since had a few successors. However, it's been Japan-only for most of its short life. As far as Yo-Kai Watch goes, we were already speculating that Level-5 was intending to bring it to the U.S.

The picture accompanying its most recent tweet features one of the small robots that fight within the game prominently. It also has the Little Battlers Experience logo on the top right hand side and on the bottom right hand side is a little flip of the poster with Yo-Kai peaking out from under it. You can check out the full tweet below.

Now we'll just have to wait hope for some release dates after the holidays from Level-5 for what would seem to be its newest Japan-only remakes for the U.S.