Lego is going mobile with the help of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Nexon Korea and TT Games in its new RPG game.

While there's not much news out about it yet, IGN reports that Nexon Korea has partnered with Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment and TT Games to bring its fans a Lego game they can have with them on the go. There has only been one announcement thus far -- Lego Ninjago -- but with the amount of licenses Lego has under its belt, it's definitely not going to stop there. There are some pretty heavy Lego properties out there including Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and Star Wars so, although nothing is set in stone, there's probably a good chance one of them will be making their way onto your mobile device sooner or later. Nexon even stated that there would be more announcements soon, which is always promising. Lego has always been a pretty successful franchise (because who doesn't want to see their favorite movie and book characters as block men) so there's definite room for expansion.

While we'll have to wait for more information in the upcoming announcements, we do know that these new RPG mobile games are said to "leverage Nexon's experience with online and free-to-play games."

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