Irrational has released a new BioShock Infinite video which discusses the real world history of Columbia's split with the U.S.

In a faux '70s style high-school educational film reel style, we get a glimpse at the impact the floating city of Columbia had on the United States. As the title so aptly describes, the object is to separate truth from legend, and determine just how much of Columbia's history is actually real.

This video appears to be the first in a series, though it's not clear if Irrational will be making more "Truth or Legend" videos as of yet. Still, telling the bullet-point version of Columbia's arrival on the scene, its philosophies, and the hows and whys of its split from the Union make for a compelling few minutes.

Hopefully Irrational will have a few more of these made before BioShock Infinite's release on March 26th.