Riot Games has announced that they don't expect to ever create a sequel to the wildly popular MOBA game, League of Legends, says Polygon. "I want my great grand-children playing this game," senior environment artist Brent Critchfield told the site.

Instead, Riot will continue to update the current League of Legends game with updates and patches in place of full game sequels. Riot plans on continuing League of Legends' free-to-play business model for years to come. The free-to-play model has been successful for the company, with the game contributing over $624 million in revenue in 2013, according to the WSJ.

Riot is expected, however, to work on new IPs, but has not announced any titles yet.

League of Legends was announced in 2008 and debuted in October 2009 as a free PC download. The WSJ reported in January 2014 that the game attracts almost 27 million players daily and 7.5 million concurrent users during peak hours.

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