Before Nintendo signed off for their E3 2014 press briefing, they showed a clip which reveals that Lady Palutena, and perhaps Dark Pit, will be playable characters in the upcoming Super Smash Bros. game.

This would mark Palutena's first appearance in the Super Smash Bros. as a playable character, as she's been an unplayable character in previous versions. Palutena is a character from Nintendo's Kid Icarus franchise, a goddess who guides the winged one on his adventures.

Dark Pit also appears in the teaser, but it's not immediately clear if he will be a playable or standby character. The character has been a rival to Pit in the Kid Icarus series of games.

We see Palutena show up and say, "I'm not here to save you. I'm here for a little divine intervention," before we cut to some action shots of Palutena showing off her powers and abilities, such as heavenly lights, celestial fireworks, jump glide, super speed, black hole and magic laser. At first glance, they look liked superpowered versions of Princess Zelda's moveset. We can get into this.

Click on the video above to check out the teaser.