As we've said before, we totally enjoy alternate costumes here at Arcade Sushi. And one of the prime examples of a game with oodles of alternate outfits for characters is Final Fantasy 10-2, with its Dress Sphere system. One of the dresses you can switch to is the Lady Luck outfit, which Yuna is wearing as our Cosplay of the Day!

We love just how versatile the girls of Final Fantasy 10-2 can be, especially since they can switch job classes by donning different outfits. Yuna's Lady Luck outfit basically changes her into a Gambler, which is made apparent by the spade on her chest. It's our very favorite suit. Get it? Suit? Spade? And then it's an outfit -- eh, whatever.

Anyways, here is Liz, a cosplayer from Switzerland who has taken to tailoring Yuna's Lady Luck outfit and bringing it to life! We're impressed by the level of detail that went into the suit and are even more impressed with that weird little hair ornament that tops the whole outfit. The only thing she'd need now is a deck of comically large cards to hold in her hand and it'd be absolutely perfect.

Take a look at more of her work on deviantART and let us know what you think of her costumes!

Marco Russo
Andreas Martens
Andreas Martens
Andreas Martens

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