Dungeon crawler games are a beloved genre for anyone fond of collecting things. You collect health upgrades, armor, weapons, useless artifacts, and magic powers. These games also like to collect something from you. Something very precious. Time. Which one of these games should you be spending your hard earned free time with?

Just give us a few minutes and we'll find out which one warrants a whole weekend of play. This week's console to mobile matchup is Playstations's Labyrinth Legends vs. Orc: Vengeance for iOS. Ready? Set. Fight!

Labyrinth Legends

Labyrinth Legends is a brand new title realized into the wilds of the Playstation network. Amongst the mad menagerie of other titles on the PSN, Labyrinth Legends stands out as one of the more unique and enjoyable ways to spend your Playstation Points. Featuring some cartoony, (think Castle Crashers), graphics and dozens of cleverly built levels, Labyrinth Legends looks like it will stand up against most other dungeon crawlers that venture into its lair.

Orc: Vengeance

On the mobile side, you've got Orc: Vengeance. This game can be found on many best of lists for the iOS. It was one of those games that made you wonder if consoles were becoming superfluous. With its fantastic graphics and rock solid gameplay, it became a quick favorite. Its focus on story, exploration, and action make it your pitch perfect entry into the dungeon crawler genre. Playing through this game is reminiscent of all the best dungeon crawlers and you will not regret dropping a couple of bucks on this adventure. But, does it club the cute little Labyrinth Legends into submission under its boot heels?

Well, not quite. Since both games can definitely be considered dungeon crawlers, they both go about it in very different ways. While Orc: Vengeance is propelled by action, exploration, and story, Labyrinth Legends is more concerned with clever puzzle solving, more loot, and brow beating bosses.

Labyrinth Legends

Orc: Vengeance gives you a dark world to explore and plunder. Labyrinth Legends instead sticks you in, well, a labyrinth and tasks you with finding your way out of its many dead ends. You find find yourself puzzled along your way to the big boss hiding at the end. Orc: Vengeance is more of a hack and slash, slice and dice affair through each dungeon.

Orc: Vengeance really comes into its own with the combat. The astounding assortment of weapons and upgrades really makes customizing and augmenting your fighting style a lot of fun. It is so satisfying to trick out your Orc for the right occasion and divorcing enemies from their upper and lower halves.

One of the major difference, which may be the deciding factor, is multiplayer. Labyrinth Legends supports 3 modes of up to 4 person multiplayer and leader boards so you can brag to your other dungeon delving friends. Sadly, Orc is left out in the cold and barred from the camaraderie of multiplayer dungeons.

Orc: Vengeance

If you are looking for a puzzle solving cartoony and multiplayer dungeon crawler, then search the PSN for Labyrinth Legends. It has the silly fun and party atmosphere that will delight you and your friends. If you need a bit more gritty action in your dungeon diving adventures and a more heavy emphasis on storyline, then pick up that battle axe and give yourself over to vengeance, Orc style. It's like Gangnam Style, just with a lot more blood.