Rockstar's and Team Bondi's LA Noire was an achievement in performance capture, but what didn't make the game is almost as good as what did.

In a development video posted by Depth Analysis, the company behind the motion capture tech used in LA Noire, we get to see the bloopers and goofed takes actors from the game gave during their mocap sessions. To make things even more interesting, these performances are placed into the actual game scenario where they were supposed to happen, giving the illusion that these were "live takes" left on the cutting room floor.

It's scary how great the tech in this game is, and how perfectly it captures sneezing and goofball faces as well as the more serious performances. All of the performances were done just by individual actors, so Depth Analysis clearly went to a lot of effort to make it look like all of these takes were done with everyone else in the scene in attendance.

Check out the video below (courtesy of a mirrored version from YouTube user LessDan), and let us know what you think in the comments. There's adult language so wear some ear buds if you're playing this at work.