Kotomon is ready to catch monsters, but he needs the help of a giant finger from outer space. That's where you come in! Will you and your huge digits help this little creature out? He needs you to slide him around his world, catching the monsters that populate it. It's our Free App of the Day!

In the game, you must slide your finger around to move Kotomon into position to 'catch' friendly monsters and use them to fend off the 'unfriendly' monsters. They are kind of like your ammo, each with a different ability. And that's basically your game.

Some friendly monsters will rocket around the screen like a pinball, while others breathe fire or explode like a bomb. Every move adds to the background music, allowing you to influence the soundtrack as you play. The goal is to see how long you can fend off the evil monsters, all while going for as high a score as possible!

Download Kotomon and get ready for all the monster catching and shooting action you didn't know you wanted! Click to grab it for your iPhone & iPad!