The KORG M01D music workstation will be coming to the 3DS this summer, giving mixmasters and amateurs the tools they need to turn Nintendo's little handheld device into a music lunchbox.

According to Detune's official website, the newest version of the workstation will be released in Japan in May 2013, while a worldwide release is slated for the summer.

It will be available through the Nintendo eShop as a 3DS download and will have an 8-part multi-timbral synthesizer with 342 sounds (max 24 voices), include all of the KORG M1's original sounds, have Reverb and Delay master effects, and a host of other features.

You'll even be able to check out the M01D in beautiful 3D, so you can feel like you're at an actual music workstation. All of your creations can be saved to an SD card and you'll the ability to exchange song data with anyone through Wi-Fi.

Let us know if you're set to craft some cool, musical creations with this nifty tool!