That's no time paradox, it's an actual, upcoming remake of the original Metal Gear that has been approved by Konami.

Polygon reports that Konami has gave its blessing to The Outer Heaven team, a small group of indie developers who have decided to take their love for the Metal Gear franchise by making a full remake of the 1987 title that started it all. Originally started by Glenn Eeckhaut, Ian Ratcliffe and his team at The Outer Heaven have made the project as something to help bide the time as they wait for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Konami has decided to approve the project and give the team access to all the game's copyrighted material on the terms that the team doesn't profit from the remake or get donations to help with production. Then again, if this project turns out to be successful, Ratcliffe and his team will have put one big foot into the doorway of the gaming industry.

"The game will be a full remake of the original game, new script, new models, the works. The theme compositions will also be revamped with orchestral arrangements and with the Metal Gear Solid 2 style electronic beats," developer Ian Ratcliffe said. "The style of the game will be reworked, bringing it more up-to-date with the other games in the series, we're still undecided on some aspects, like what style to have the camera angles, birdseye view or the more traditional Metal Gear Solid/Metal Gear Solid 2 style."

The Outer Heaven is looking for volunteer cutscene artists, cutscene animators, sound effects artists, composers, storyboard artists and voice-over talent (with a July 31 deadline for all voice acting talent). The group hopes to have the remake finished by this fall.