Sorry Sokolov, but the real Metal Gear creator wants to remake Solid Snake's first venture into Shadow Moses as an open world stealth game. Unfortunately, no one wants to make it.

According to DualShockers, Hideo Kojima said at a Taipei Game Show that he'd like to play the earlier Metal Gear titles on the PlayStation 4. Afterwards, Kojima mentioned that he'd like to see Metal Gear Solid and Shadow Moses island be remade using current-gen technology. He elaborated, saying that he'd really like to see Shadow Moses have the open world functionality that Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain offers. While he said he'd love to work on such a project, Kojima simply doesn't have time, as he is going to be working on Silent Hills with Guillermo del Toro once he finishes developing The Phantom Pain. Kojima claims that he'd not only need a new engine for such a project, but he'd also need a full team who'd be willing to work on it.

We'd like to remind you guys that fans were trying to remake the original 1987 Metal Gear title using modern technology and even had David Hayter signed up to voice Snake. Things were looking beautiful until Konami decided to pull the plug on the project. In all honesty, we already remember the 2004 remake of Metal Gear Solid for GameCube. We'd much rather have a modern port or re-release of Kojima's Policenauts instead. Nevertheless, we're sure there's a development team out there willing to tackle one more trip to Shadow Moses.

We'd love an open world Metal Gear Solid remake.