Cipher might have played the MSF like a darn fiddle, but we suggest not playing with this rare, Comic-Con Exclusive figure of Big Boss.

Metal Gear series creator, writer and director Hideo Kojima has unveiled the newest Play Arts KAI figure to come from the assembly line: a rare version of Big Boss. This figure depicts Venom Snake in his iconic garb from the Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain trailer where Big Boss went to extract Kazuhira Miller from captivity in Afghanistan.

Play Arts KAI (a subsidiary company of Square Enix) is selling this bronze version of Snake exclusively at the San Diego Comic-Con, which takes place from July 24 to July 27. In terms of price, we estimate that this character is going to be pricey, especially if they all sell out (which they likely will). Judging by his ball and socket joints, Snake is merely painted bronze -- he actually isn't made of it. For the sake of comparison, Play Arts KAI's Ground Zeroes Big Boss figure is selling for $99.99 and is set to debut by the end of this month. Square Enix has yet to unveil a regular version of this Phantom Pain figure, but we have a feeling it will.