Hideo Kojima has revealed some brand new Metal Gear merchandise for Tokyo Game Show, and the Metal gear Collection 2014 probably isn't what you expected.

Through a few tweets, Hideo Kojima showed off some images of some merchandise for Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain.

The clearest shots are of a Play-Arts Kai figure of Snake rocking the brand new sneaking suit. The details are amazing, with every crease and fold on the suit present as if we were looking at a screenshot of the game. Behind him stands a figure of Quiet, the enigmatic new sniper with the power to dematerialize but lacks the ability to speak.

The suit itself looks similar to the Sneaking Suit from the first Metal Gear Solid. We'd love to see if this version of the suit serves as a prototype or the initial test run for MGS1's suit.

The second tweet gives us a tiny peek at Snake's robotic arm. We'd love to see the full figure with the arm, but we're sure it'd cost -- a lot of money. The detail on just the arm itself looks incredible, so we're looking forward to seeing the whole shebang, though we wouldn't mind just paying for an arm, just for the novelty of having a robot arm on display.

Perhaps the most surprising reveal is the fact that the Metal Gear Collection 2014 has nothing to do with a compilation release of some of the titles in the series, but is actually a line of clothing. According to Hardcore Gamer, the Metal Gear Collection 2014 includes shirts, jackets, tees and more. We're hoping this collection will come with pieces that are faithful to the source material... like a functioning Octocamo Suit. Make it happen, Kojima.

Not much else is known about the collection, other than the fact that we can't shove our money at our screens fast enough, but we'll keep you updated with regard to the availability of the clothing line and what other pieces it will include.

Metal Gear Collection
Metal Gear Collection