Sora, Donald and Goofy are finally back in this impressive gameplay trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3. 

After years of waiting, Square Enix finally unveiled some new footage for Kingdom Hearts 3. Sora and the gang are certainly embracing the power of current-gen consoles by exploring some massive levels filled with vibrant visuals. We get to see some of the new Heartless types as well as some returning classics. We also got a look at the new team attacks which for some reason adhere to a Disney theme park mentality. One team attack had the trio in a set of glowing, spinning teacups that they would ride into other enemies. Another team attack summoned a chariot pulled by a pegasus. There was some massive titan Heartless that Sora summoned a fluorescent, flying train to attack him from. While these attacks stood out, they looked rather strange — we'd just rather see more Keyblade-oriented gameplay to be honest. Nevertheless, we're just glad to see something new pertaining to Kingdom Hearts 3.

At the end of the trailer, Square Enix mentioned that the game is "Now in Development," which was certainly disheartening — what have they been doing all this time? This means we likely won't be seeing Kingdom Hearts 3 on the PS4 or Xbox One until late 2017 if we're lucky. Let's just hope it's not considered a last-gen title by the time it launches.

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