Gawrsh -- Goofy's voice actor may have accidentally spilled the beans that Kingdom Hearts 3 is coming out in 2015.

According to IGN, Bill Farmer, the longtime voice actor of the beloved, bipedal Disney dog-man, Goofy, recently Tweeted that his voice recording work for Kingdom Hearts 3 has been finished and has been told the action-RPG is due out later this year. Of course, fans hit Farmer with a barrage of questions, and once the animated, floating stars around his head started to dissipate, the veteran voice actor remained adamant of what he said. Farmer didn't have a clue as to what worlds Goofy, Donald and Sora would be visiting, and claimed he did too many recording sessions to remember any of his lines from KH3. Mind you, he's been a professional voice actor for decades, and knows that he shouldn't spoil a plot for his fans.

While no official word on Kingdom Hearts 3's release has been announced, Farmer's Tweets of a 2015 launch have been deleted. Based on fans' reactions to Farmer's claims, he had to take a step back and remind everyone that nothing is set in stone:

While no release date has still been set, we still hope we'll get to continue Sora's adventure of generic jargon when Kingdom Hearts 3 launches for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.