Hey, so you know how Disney owns Marvel and Star Wars? And you know how Kingdom Hearts 3 will be a Disney x Square Enix crossover? Well, here's some news.

According to Kotaku, Kingdom Hearts 3 co-director and game designer Tai Yasue said, "Yeah, I can’t go into specifics, but there’s a lot of new Disney stuff and we have our plates full. There's a lot to consider - we’re looking at all of Disney, the new ones as well, they have a lot of pull and draw."

When asked about Star Wars and the Marvel franchises, Yasue said, "Well, yeah. They’re all under consideration. Nothing’s off-limits, we’re considering all of the worlds. There are so many wonderful concepts. We’re happy about that, but at the same time it’s really tough to choose.”

It wouldn't be hard to picture a San Fransokyo sequence in Kingdom Hearts 3, given that 'Big Hero 6' is the first product born from the marriage of both Disney and Marvel. Baymax as a summon? We'd take that. And here's to hoping that Sora gets a tri-saber Keyblade.

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