The makers of Max: The Curse of Brotherhood have released a trailer for their newest game, Kalimba.

Kalimba, previously known as Project Totem, has not only taken on a new name, but a new launch date as well, the Xbox Wire reports. The game focuses on you controlling two totem heads on screen and getting through various puzzles where the heads need to do things separately or stacked as a single unit to proceed. There is a co-op mode available, with all sorts of two-player puzzles for you and a friend to solve.

The game formally known as Project Totem was born out of the studio's last success -- Max: The Curse of Brotherhood. Press Play has taken a lot of incite gained from San Diego Comic-Con and PAX Prime in order to effectively redesign Kalimba's intricate and thought-provoking puzzles.

Kalimba will launch on Dec. 17 for the Xbox One and sometime in Jan. for PC at the reasonable price of $9.99.