Press Play's new puzzle platformer, Kalimba, has not only a new DLC pack coming, but also some new, free, content headed your way.

Kalimba is expanding its gameplay with not only a new DLC pack, but also a ton of new free content for its current and future users. With the new content update, Kalimba will be gaining two entirely new game modes for players to enjoy. There will be the Llama Mode that players can speed through in a competition to see whose fastest. It's a multiplayer mode that can support up to six players at once. Then there's Puma Mode, another mode where you can show your racing skill, but this time you will be battling against the ghosts of your friends (not as creepy as you think) or the AI-driven Hoebear for the best spot on the leaderboard. There are 30 different levels you can compete on using this game mode.

Moving on to the DLC packs, there will be two of these as well. The first DLC pack is called 'Dark Void," which adds a new game mechanic and 10 single-player levels onto the game. On the flip side, 'Co-Optimistic' will be touting 10 new cooperative levels. These two DLC packs will be free as well, as long as you take advantage of them before May 6. After that time, you will have to pay for them. After May 6, you can buy each one separately for $3.99 or you can do so as a pack for $5.99 for both of them.

You can play Kalimba now on Xbox One or you can wait for its PC release on Steam starting April 22. The Steam version will come with Llama and Puma Mode already installed for $9.99 total (just make sure you download the DLC while it's still free).