With as many awesome characters as the Justice League has, it's hard to imagine a video game starring them all wouldn't have been awesome as well. Double Helix's take on the beloved superhero team may never see the light of day as a finished release, but looking at the action-packed test footage it's hard not to imagine what could have been.

We've already gotten a look at Justice League's multiplayer gameplay, so this newest video highlights the single-player action. In addition to being a fighting game, Justice League would have had a single-player mode with heavy brawler elements akin to Streets of Rage or Godhand. While what we see here definitely isn't the cleanest-looking footage in the world, with occasionally clunky animation and rampant placeholders, it's hard to believe that a game this far along would be so quietly scrapped. Maybe Warner Bros./DC Comics felt that the game wasn't up to snuff for their high standards, or maybe there just wasn't enough Batman in there. For whatever reason, this Justice League game was doomed to forever rot in obscurity until ProtoMedia got its hands on the data and decided to share it with the world.

Here's hoping WB/DC takes this into consideration and decides to give the Justice League another shot. Batman's great and everything, but he's not the only DC superhero out there.