In a new interview, Avalanche Studios discussed some of the improvements coming to Just Cause 3, though it appears multiplayer still won't be one of them.

"The secret ingredient for Just Cause is... that the game is a proper sandbox," Avalanche Studios' Christofer Sundberg told Game Informer. While the original Just Cause was relatively well-received, Just Cause 2 firmly lodged itself as a classic open-world game, giving players unprecedented levels of mobility coupled with the ability to create truly epic amounts of chaos. With Just Cause 3, Avalanche Studios hopes to take everything that worked so well in the first game and expand it in the best way possible.

As a next-gen title, Just Cause 3 will utilize all sorts of graphical and hardware capabilities that didn't exist in the previous generation, meaning denser maps full of bigger, brighter breakables. Elsewhere in the interview, the representatives from Avalanche Studios discussed the new levels of destruction in JC3, citing the ability to blast through buildings or collapse entire bridges as new tech they're bringing to the table.

They're also expanding protagonist Rico's legendary grappling hook and parachuting abilities by allowing players to "dual-tether," which lets them tether more than one thing simultaneously, like, say, tethering a propane to a helicopter and the helicopter to the ground and watching the burning, spiraling mess as it spins until it explodes. Rico also has a new wingsuit which allows him to traverse the air with greater agility than before.

While Just Cause 3's map will be roughly as large as, if perhaps a bit smaller than, the map from Just Cause 2, Avalanche promises this new locale will be more densely packed with interesting locations.

Multiplayer won't be among the initial offerings of Just Cause 3, but Avalanche Studios said to not be surprised if it appears as DLC somewhere down the line. We have the technology, after all, as proved by the amazing Just Cause 2 multiplayer mod for the PC which allows hundreds of players to cause chaos together.

Just Cause 3 is slated for a 2015 release for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.