Development on BioShock Infinite was a lengthy and intensive process, and Irrational has given us a quick look at all the pertinent details behind the creation of the sequel.

Irrational released the infographic on its Twitter, giving us a glimpse into what it took to get the game done. Infinite's script has nearly 20,000 more words than the average novel. In that regard, there are some 10,000 lines of dialogue in that script. Almost one-third (32 percent) of the spoken lines are from Booker or Elizabeth, with all the other characters combined filling in the other 68 percent.

During BioShock Infinite's development, 18 babies were born by staff members. The devs also drank almost 3750 gallons (40,000 cans) of soda during that time. The studio used enough kilowatt hours to have burned up 8.8 million lightbulbs. Those kilowatt hours though were used to write the equivalent of 631 miles of code, which would be enough to drive from Boston (Irrational's home) to Washington, D.C., and still have enough to drive another 150 miles.

You can check out the full infographic below, and let us know how many of your hours you'll be using to play BioShock Infinite when it comes out on Tuesday.