If bragging to your friends and colleagues about your iPhone 5 isn't enough, Brikk has created high end gold and platinum cases for this glorious smart phone. Named the Haven, the collection has pieces ranging from $11,610-14,235, and are available in solid pink gold, yellow gold, and platinum.

There is one advantage to actually having enough money to purchase one of these luxury accessories, as each Haven purchased will help fund one metric ton of rice that will be distributed through select non-governmental organizations. Currently available on their website, as well as in Los Angeles, the Haven is also slated to hit stores in New York, Paris, London, and Tokyo.

iPhone 5 users who are still not satisfied with 75 grams of gold, or over 100 grams of platinum, to fill their respective cases can also order customized versions containing diamonds and other precious stones. Under Brikk's "profit for philanthropy" model, the company aims to assist people around the world who are suffering from hunger.

What you think of the new expensive cases for the iPhone 5? Are they worth the purchase considering Brikk's humanitarian efforts, or is a luxurious case just too extravagant for your tastes?