A lot of awesome new releases are hitting the App Store this week after the big holiday break, including a daredevil delight, a new Chillingo game and more. These games will be available to download just after 11:00 PM Eastern time in the U.S., if they haven't already come out. Let's take a look at the new releases for this week! (Pricing and links will be made available when the games hit the U.S. App Store.)

  • Wake the Cat


    Did you know that cats sleep up to 16 hours a day? Now you can wake that lazy kitty with Chillingo's fun (and cute), new puzzle game Wake the Cat. An easier way is to just step on its tail, but the game would probably be over in just a few minutes.

  • Death Golf

    Ayopa Games

    So this is what golfing would be like if you were playing in hell. Regular golf is bad enough, but now you've got a bunch of traps and obstacles in your way. No matter. Who says anything in life is fairway? Oh, that was a terrible pun.

  • Time Surfer


    Time Surfer is like Tiny Wings, if Tiny Wings traveled through time and got totally trippy. Time Surfer looks to expand upon the Tiny Wings formula by presenting more obstacles and challenges besides your terrible timing. Will it be fun? We'll have to wait and see.

  • Abyss: The Wraiths of Eden

    Artifex Mundi

    We can't find anything about this game online for iOS, so here's the terrible trailer for the PC version that came out late last year. Hopefully the game is good!

  • Joe Danger

    Hello Games

    We've been talking about it for a while now, and the popular console hit Joe Danger is finally making its way into the App Store. Joe Danger for iOS will feature 50 new levels and new characters, so those fretting getting the same game need not worry.

  • Noble Nutlings


    What happens when Rovio devs go off and form their own company? They create a game like Noble Nutlings! If you enjoyed building contraptions like in Bad Piggies, then you'll dig this game. We've played it, and we dug it!

  • Little Amazon


    This game looks like a lot of fun. Play as Lily as she escapes from a demon named Grûûl in this charming looking platformer. Reminds us of those neat 16-bit platformers from back in the day.

  • The Blockheads

    Majic Jungle Software

    It's a cross between The Sims and Minecraft! Looks like a lot of fun. The best part is this sandbox game is free!

  • I Am Vegend: Zombiegeddon

    iFree Innovations

    What a weird and wacky looking game. Of course, it has zombies in it, because heaven forbid a week goes by without a zombie app. Still, this one looks cool enough to give it a shot.

  • Take My Machete

    Upper Class Walrus

    Love this trailer. A side-scrolling game with a dash of '50s sci-fi pulp. Gameplay looks like it may get tiring after awhile, but the theme alone is going to make us download it.

  • Zenoia 5


    This huge RPG sequel could be the best one in the series. With four classes of heroes, global PvP play, and new worlds and challenges, you'll be occupied for hours.