Klei, the studio behind indie hits Don’t Starve, Mark of the Ninja and Shank, is currently working on its next project, Invisible, Inc. The developer released a trailer for the turn-based tactical game today, showing the game’s focus on stealth and using the environment against enemies.

The trailer starts off by explaining the game’s premise; players take control of a team of spies who must steal from corporate offices at the behest of rival companies. Teams will accomplish this by stealthily taking out guards, avoiding detection systems and turning the enemies’ weapons and tools against them.

Klei has previously released games with a similar artistic style to Invisible, Inc., utilizing cutout animations akin to 'South Park' or 'Archer'. While Shank, Mark of the Ninja and Don’t Starve have benefited from the technique, Invisible, Inc.’s minimalist graphics seem somewhat dated and low-budget in comparison to other comparable games.

While the graphics may be underwhelming, the underlying stealth tactics mechanics seem engaging and intriguing, and the ability to upgrade agents with stolen items, along with perma-death for agents and procedurally generated levels, should keep players entertained for quite a while. For fans of recent turn-based tactics games like XCOM: Enemy Unknown and The Banner Saga, Invisible, Inc. is shaping up to be a must-buy title.

No release date has been set yet, but the trailer reminds us that Steam will offer early access to the game on Aug. 19.

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