Klei's Invisible, Inc. not only boasts having an awesome double entendre of a name, it is also shaping up to be quite the intriguing espionage title. Known for the recent success of Don't Starve, the team at Klei Entertainment again wishes to capture success. Only this time, it's going to need an expert team in order to pull that off.

At first glance, Invisible, Inc. is quite reminiscent of the indie hit, Monaco, which graced our list of the Best Indie Games of 2014. You guys might remember Invisible, Inc. under its former name, Incognita. In this video, you take charge of a three man squad who seek to infiltrate a secure compound and find a briefcase holding some sort of important, espionage-y information that you need to gain (well the gameplay footage says credits from a computer, but the cutscene showed a briefcase).

In this alpha gameplay footage, Invisible, Inc. has you controlling a female hacker, a stealthy man in a trench coat armed with a tranquilizer gun, and a sniper. You navigate the floor with a UI that is comprised of grid-based designations and RTS-like controls. Your hacker will need to reach the computer systems of the building in order to deactivate the laser traps that guard the briefcase. Meanwhile, your stealth player must navigate the level and take out security as the hacker shuts down the defensive protocols in your way. You also have a sniper acting as backup to take out any guards you may have missed along the way

You can be on the prowl now with Invisible, Inc. and play the game in its alpha stage of development. Unfortunately, the alpha isn't free. You have to buy the full title for $16.99, but it gives you full access to the alpha, beta and final versions of Invisible, Inc. as they are released.

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