The Don't Starve team at Klei Entertainment has just released the next big update for the beta of Invisible, Inc.

The roguelike, grid and turn-based espionage operations of Invisible Inc's beta are going to be closing soon as Klei Entertainment prepares for the game's official release. In the meantime, Klei is still offering all sorts of support for those who have been helping it out in the game's beta testing and Greenlight phase. Invisible, Inc. has you utilizing a team of covert agents in procedurally-generated levels with all sorts of spy-like missions.

This latest update for Invisible, Inc. brings Tony Xu's alternate build, which will introduce some high end equipment for you to use throughout the game's randomized, stealthy levels. As the game's beta approaches its final stages, you must face Daemons and Xu will be able to use any piece of equipment regardless of its required skills. A new Scan Chip will be able to help you identify Daemons and the Skeletal Suspension augment will let you hide incapacitated guards easily.

Make sure you enjoy the beta stages of Invisible, Inc. before Klei pulls its plug for the game's official release.

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