The International e-Sports Federation has opened its doors to make sure that women are equally represented in its Hearthstone World Championship.

After a recent controversy of a male-only, Finnish Hearthstone Tournament revealing that this year's worldwide International e-Sports Federation World Championship was only allowing male players, the IeSF has decided to change its rules. The reason why the Finnish tournament was male-only was because its winner would have gone on to the IeSF Hearthstone World Championship, which did not offer a female division due to how new the game was on the competitive scene and its lower numbers of players. The IeSF splits its tournaments by gender in an attempt to promote high-end competitive gaming for women and for the sake of replicating physical sports, which are separated by gender as well.

The IeSF has decided to change its policies about gender division and have decided to make its few male-only tournaments now "Open for All" events. For the sake of promoting competitive female gaming, they will still be hosting their previously scheduled womens' tournaments, but now every male division has become open to all genders. Previously, the 6th Annual e-Sports World Championship BAKU 2014 originally had a male-only Hearthstone tournament and a female-only Tekken Tag Tournament 2 event, and both have now removed their gender exclusivity.

Dota 2, StarCraft II, Ultra Street Fighter IV, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft and Tekken Tag Tournament 2 are all now Open for All tournaments at the IeSF, with Dota 2 teams now able to be comprised of any combination of males and females. StarCraft II and Tekken Tag 2 will have an Open for All tournament along along with their own Female-only events.