Insomniac live-streamed a demo of Fuse earlier this week, and now you can get a look at nearly 40 minutes of footage from the upcoming shooter.

The demo picks up immediately after the protagonists have broken out of prison, and have been stripped of all their weapons. If you happened to be at PAX East, the demo may seem a bit familiar, as Insomniac played through this same segment during its panel there.

There's a good bit of variety on display, as in addition to being an impressive-looking third-person shooter, there are some stealth elements in play as well. Though it's not the core of the game, it's a feature that will come in handy when low on ammo, or when trying to avoid conflict for as long as possible.

There's a lot of information to take in during this session, but both developers do a nice job detailing all the important facts that make Fuse unique. Though we're going to have to wait a bit longer than initially thought to get our hands on the game, we're still looking forward to seeing what Insomniac has in store when Fuse arrives May 28th.