Microsoft and Sony might be drawing all the attention right now, but Koei Tecmo doesn't want you to forget about Hyrule Warriors. That's why its latest trailer shows off the recently announced Zant and his dual Scimitars.

Zant hails from Twilight Princess, so his repertoire centers around the Twilight realm and his ability to manipulate it. He can make objects appear or disappear at will and create invisible walls to trap enemies in while he's on the attack. He can also expand his size and crush foes with a body slam before returning to normal size.

Zant's combos involve quick slashes with his two Scimitars and a full set of claws on each hand. His most damaging moves including summoning a ball of energy to shoot at foes and sending a giant replica helmet of his to shoot up from the ground, obliterating almost every enemy on the stage. Zant has some really devastating combos, but his constant shrieking and changing sizes may make him more annoying than the other characters.

We wonder if there are more reveals to come before Hyrule Warriors' September release date, but we're getting to the point now where saying any more could be a huge spoiler. Still, we're holding out hope for an Agahnim siting from Link to the Past. That guy was nuts.

Hyrule Warriors launches Sept. 26 for Wii U.