With an established hit on their hands, developer Laughing Jackal has announced that their game Hungry Giraffe will be hitting the App Store next Wednesday.

Already out on PSP, Hungry Giraffe has received praise for its simple and fun design. The object of the game is to help guide a giraffe's ever expanding neck and head as it eats all manner of foodstuffs that come across its path.

In other words, the giraffe's head is literally in the clouds. But it's not just daydreaming about food - you are making sure the giraffe is actually getting as stuffed as possible. And that's about it. Really easy to pick up and start playing right away.

Obviously, the iOS version will be tweaked to take advantage of the accelerometer and touch controls, which will hopefully lend itself more to the nature of the game play. If titles like Doodle Jump are any indication, this one might be even better on this platform.

We think that Laughing Jackal suspects this as well, as they are promising an "enhanced" version of the game that will have "lots of exciting new features."

So keep an eye out on for Hungry Giraffe when it launches on November 14th. The best news out of all this? It will be free to play!

Check out the nifty trailer below: