With Thanksgiving on the horizon, gamers all across the United States will partake in some epic feasts, likely topping things off with some pumpkin pie and a few video game sessions with the family. While Thanksgiving was originally supposed to be a feast of appreciation for a good harvest throughout the year, it of course has become a commercialized shadow of its original intent. Supermarkets are jacking up the prices of canned cranberry sauce and gravy, so it's time we look at the real core of the holiday: gluttony. Throughout the history of gaming, there have been all kinds of characters we've seen with insatiable, otherworldly appetites, and it's time we look at the characters who can gorge through copious, even astronomical amounts of food without faltering.

In an industry whose number one icon of all time is an overweight plumber who can jump a dozen feet into the air and somehow not get stuck in the pipes he slides down, the more rotund video game characters out there are capable of some amazing feats, especially when it comes to their appetites. Of course, stereotypes and cliches are unfortunately abundant as well, so if there's a large person in a game, you'd best believe that someone will either offhandedly comment about the person's size or the character will be caught eating something they shouldn't have. Nevertheless, we shouldn't judge a person or a character for their vices, as there are plenty of other characters out there to hate other than food aficionados. Wipe your greasy fingers on your hips and brush those crumbs off your chest, because it's time to gorge our way through the 10 Hungriest Video Game Characters.