The creators of Hidden Runaway have hooked up with BulkyPix once more to bring us another port of one of their classic PC adventure games, Hollywood Monsters. What will this tale of supernatural spooks on the silver screen have in store for us?

BulkyPix is helping Pendulo Studios port another one of their classic adventures games to iOS devices. The last offering we had was Hidden Runaway, a sorta-port which told the original story through hidden object gameplay, instead of point and click style of adventuring. Whether or not this new port will receive similar treatment has yet to be confirmed.

Hollywood Monsters is an LA-centered story that stars two rival journalists named Sue Bergman and Ron Ashman who work for the same newspaper, called The Quill. The pair both end up at an event called The Monster's Ball, where all of Hollywood's famous monsters go to socialize and schmooze it up. You see, in this world, all of those movie horrors are real.

The game promises to be a mystery-adventure, so there's gotta be something that happens during the Monster's Ball (sans Billy Bob Thornton, we assure you), to set everything in motion. Curious yet? If so, you won't have long to wait since the game drops next month! Until then, check out the teaser video below and let us know which classic Hollywood creature feature is your favorite!