Due to a series of mishaps, Dr. Steven Schrodinstein now has different colored slugs that may take over his home. With Link The Slug, you are tasked with zapping these slimy guests to keep our doctor's domicile spic and span. Picking up slugs and doing someone's dirty work doesn't sound like fun, so why not leave these gastropods alone?

Link The Slug is broken down into three stages, with each section containing 25 levels. The first chapter has players destroying slugs during the night, with the succeeding stage devoted to an infested toy room. The final chapter has these colorful intruders making a home in the kitchen which, if you think real hard, is a pretty disgusting notion.

To send these irritants into oblivion, just tap on two same colored slugs and they will get zapped to death. If a certain object or another slug blocks their path, the extermination can't continue and you will have to find another pair of slime balls to kill. The entire level must be cleared of all slugs to continue. If you have trouble matching up the pairs, hints will help guide the way and highlight the next two gastropods to blast. Stars are also available to collect, but since there are no Game Center achievements or upgrades to speak off, grabbing them simply feels like a waste of time.

The puzzles are pretty easy to solve, and as you progress you will learn how to properly use bombs and Dr. Schrodinstein's test tubes to clear each part of the house. Whenever you fail to match up all the slugs, you can undo your moves and restart the puzzle at wherever point you want. By getting the chance to immediately correct your errors, players can throw as many combinations as possible to erase the slugs. Although some kind of consequence for one's wrong moves would have been welcome, I'll reserve that lack of a learning curve complaint for a more substantial title.

My main problem with Link The Slug rests on its uninspired characterizations and game play. A simple concept does not call for a one note, slapped together experience. Each level takes seconds, if not a minute to figure out, and even in these brief moments a bit of inspired creativity would have kept my attention. Instead, I'm spending time matching slugs with no achievements or game upgrades to speak of. It's just me, the slugs, and an iOS puzzle. Sometimes that's enough. But when your title is way too predictable for its own good, a little bit of added flavor and spirited ingenuity is absolutely necessary.

Link The Slug is a puzzler that tries to be cute and clever, but in the end it's a title that sits there like a bump on a log. It's one of those many apps that actually feels like the developers have gone through the motions just to make something. I'm all for creative ventures, but there are no links needed for this app. Leave all that slug cleaning to some other sucker with 99 cents to burn.


App Store Link: Link The Slug for iPhoneiPad | By BulkyPix  | Price: $0.99  | Version: 1.0 | 32.7 MB | Rating: 4+

4.0 out of 10 arcade sushi rating