4.0 out of 10 Review

Crush Your Enemies Review
I’ve always been fascinated by strategy games. I’ve never been particularly good at them, enough to get by, but I’ve enjoyed my time with older titles like Command and Conquer, Starcraft, and Age of Empires II. Crush Your Enemies claims to harken back to the time when these game…
Mighty No. 9 Review
After several years, delays, and missteps, the Kickstarter-funded Mighty No. 9 is here, and believe me when I say that the supposed spiritual successor to Mega Man is a Mega Bust.
Nero Review
I wanted to like Nero, I really did, but as the credits rolled all I could do was wish I could get my two hours back.
Slender: The Arrival Review
Are you looking for something to chill your bones? Something to make the shadows seem that much longer and the night that much darker? Something to put the fear back in you? Then you definitely won't want to play Slender: The Arrival.
Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Review
While everyone has been waiting for Final Fantasy XV to debut, Square Enix has ported Final Fantasy Type-0 to current-gen systems from its 2011 PSP release, marking the series' long awaited debut on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Type-0 HD's "Mature" rating and blood-filled imagery …
Blood Bowl Review (iOS)
The classic board game adapted to a video game has been released for some time now on consoles and PC, and it must be performing well on those systems if it keeps getting ported to other places.
Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Review (PlayStation 3)
The world of Final Fantasy XIII was actually kind of interesting. It had interesting character, strange techno gods, a cool creation mythos and an understandable power system. Sadly its sequel, Final Fantasy XIII-2 had little to do with that world and the latest release, Lighting Returns: Final Fant…
Marvel Run Jump Smash Review
Marvel Entertainment’s Marvel Run Jump Smash brings some of your favorite comic book characters to iOS form, blending traditional endless runner-style gameplay with the glitz and glamour of superheroes.

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