These 10 Hilarious Alternate Costumes reflect developers' attempts at bringing in humor and nostalgia into areas of gaming which are usually taken to be quite serious. Though they have profited from charging for many of these outfits, Capcom deserves specific recognition because they know what their fans want and they always try to deliver. Alternate costumes are often given as a reward for meeting specific parameters in a game, or as paid downloadable content. Either way, they make the game much more enjoyable and increases the amount of mileage one can get out of it. The end of the world might be happening, or there could be a fight to death you're about to get into, but let us lighten your hearts and get in a few chuckles as we unveil 10 Hilarious Alternate Costumes.

  • Megaman Outfit

    Dead Rising

    The Proto Man costume of Dead Rising 2: Off the Record might be impressive, but there's something that's downright funny about slaying hundreds of zombies in a Mega Man costume. Equip the toy-version of the Mega Buster and watch the comedy that ensues as you shoot tennis balls at the zombie hordes, or you can be one of the devoted few to unlock a fully-functional/lethal version of Mega Man's trademark weapon. This definitely belongs on our list of 10 Hilarious Alternate Costumes.

  • Evil Panda Suit

    Onimusha Series

    Samanosuke Akechi's panda suit has been a hidden, hilarious staple of this amazing action-adventure franchise. Now if only we could get a fifth title starring the demon-slaying, panda suit-wearing samurai...

  • Princess Heart

    Silent Hill 3

    Heather Mason's Princess Heart costume is a hilarious tribute to Sailor Moon, from the boots, to the long gloves, schoolgirl-esque ensemble and her flamboyant poses. Be warned: throwing your moon-powered tiara won't stop Pyramid Head or any of the other nefarious monstrosities of Silent Hill.

  • The Bon Gak

    Sleeping Dogs

    Sleeping Dogs is a True Crime tribute to Asian cinema, and its hidden costumes make this much more apparent. There are unlockable outfits from some of Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan's best movies . But most importantly, Sleeping Dogs included the outfit Tony Jaa wore in Ong Bak, which makes fighting in the streets so much more hilarious and enjoyable as you start hitting people with your knees and elbows.

  • Haggar-Zangief

    Super Street Fighter 4

    Zangief wearing a Mike Haggar outfit might not fully make up for Haggar's absence in Super Street Fighter 4 (while Guy and Cody were present), but delivering piledrivers and suplexes while dressed like the Mayor of Metro City does make some amends.

  • Mustached Yuri with Pipe

    Tales of Vesperia

    Tales of Vesperia protagonist Yuri may have been initially read as androgynous based on his overall look, but the addition of a pipe and a Pringles-like curly mustache is oddly reminiscent of Archer.

  • Dairy Bastard

    God of War

    Kratos... in a cow suit... swinging gallons of whole milk instead of the Blades of Chaos. We can't even udder another word as to how out of place this looks as a whole. Welcome to our list of 10 Hilarious Alternate Costumes, Kratos.

  • Cable-Pool

    Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3

    In typical Deadpool fashion, our favorite merc with a mouh is trolling us as he dresses up as his time travelling partner in order to make up for Cable's noticeable absence in MvC3.

  • R. Mika Costume

    Street Fighter X Tekken

    That's right, it's Kuma, the bear from the Tekken series, wearing R. Mika's hyper-sexualized wrestling outfit. Lookin' good, Kuma!

  • Doughnut Drake

    Uncharted Series

    In terms of hilarity, Doughtnut Drake takes the cake... roughly 400 lbs of it to be exact. Anyone that will ever try to play as this meaty version of Drake can expect to laugh at his husky voice, his gasps for air as he runs, and the addition of Dual Shock vibrations and deepened thuds as he tries to run, climb, and jump throughout the exotic locales of Uncharted. This hilarious alternate costume deserves to be on our list of 10 Hilarious Alternate Costumes.