Hideo Kojima, that master of mindgames, has just tweeted might be a teaser for a Play-Arts Kai figure modeled after another mindgame master, Psycho Mantis. Albeit, as a kid.

This "Kid Mantis" figure is uncolored, but looks very much like the memorable boss from Metal Gear Solid. This younger version of the FOXHOUND member might be what we'll find in the final version of Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain, since he did show up in the GDC 2013 trailer.

Other than the mention of "Play-Arts," there are no other clues provided by Kojima regarding the release or even details about this figure. But since it's Kojima, we're sure that you can just blow up the picture to find some hidden QR code, scan it and then be led to some teaser site that features a bunch of Psycho Mantis-flavored mind games.

And if that's not the case and Kojima-san gets the idea by reading this article -- well, you're welcome.

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