Hamster Cannon is not a serious game -- thank goodness for that. There's only so many hard-bitten shooters and action games that we can take. Games like this with a great sense of humor are necessary to help smooth things out. So we were pleased to discover that Hamster Cannon gets a lot of smoothing done. It's hilarious! And it's our Free App of the Day!

In the game, you fire hamsters out of cannons (as advertised), in order to collect a series of "noms" that are scattered throughout each level. The noms are basically hamster food, so you can see why these little guys are getting inside the cannons in the first place.

The physics-based puzzle elements come in to play when you realize that you often have to bounce the hamsters around each level, in order to find the right pattern that will get you as many noms as possible. There are also five unique hamsters that you can fire out of the cannons that will accomplish different tasks based on their choice of headwear. There's the standard, the smasher, the firehead, the bomber and the speedster -- all pretty self explanatory.

Download Hamster Cannon today and get to firing those rodents out of cannons! After all, that's just the natural way of things. Click to grab it for your iPhone & iPad!