The Halo franchise development director has stepped forward to return fire at the "insider" sources who have been leaking developmental and behind-the-scenes information to the media.

Total Xbox reports that 343 Industries' Frank O'Connor has vocalized his disapproval at the variety of industry insiders, such as the infamous CBOAT along with other secret posters on NeoGAF. O'Connor suggests that leaking embargoed or hidden information that was not yet intended to be sent out to the general public only exacerbates things for the development studio and takes away from the player experience.

Breaking embargos is not prophesy, nor does it require any particular skill or insight. Ultimately he [CBOAT] is taking or being given information and leaking it, illegally and often erroneously. And he isn't doing it for some noble or worthy reason. He's doing it for attention. People, including nice people with kids and families and stuff, work super hard on this stuff and wake up in the morning to find some of their effort blown up. It's not fun, and for what? So you can have a mildly interesting surprise 8 hours early and lacking context? Or get hyped or disappointed disproportionately? Or get someone fired or someone innocent yelled at? Ok. But it isn't prophecy, nor ultimately even important. It's annoying.

NeoGAF has been an ongoing source for leaked insider information over the past few years (even we report on many of its users' findings). While some of these leaks have been proven to be completely wrong, such as the claim that Halo 5 would release in January 2015, many leaks turned out to be true in their predictions, including the leaked names of the Titanfall maps. Hopefully, the latest rumors of an Xbox One Master Chief Collection of a remastered Halo 1-4 turns out to be true.