The new Majestic Map Pack for Halo 4 is set to drop next week, giving players some more ways to get up close and friendly with each other. Let's take a look at these new combat locales.

There's a new behind-the-scenes video, showing how the combat artists at 343 Industries crafted the new arenas in the new Majestic Map Pack downloadable content.

The three maps will focus on close-quarters encounters that give you the same feel as the classic Halo maps, with infantry soldiers hunting each other down.

First up is Landfall, which takes place in a very small area and features the city of Casbah under Covenant attack. This map is said to be an ideal zone for Infinity Slayer thanks to the limited cover provided in the interior and its relatively small size. This combination of open spaces and tight corridors should provide lots of different opportunities for players to get some righteous kills.

Monolith is a four-base symmetrical arena-type map with plenty of cover and long lines of sight, straight to the middle. This map should be amazing for close and mid-range firefights thanks to its symmetry and open areas.

Skyline is all about rooftop running and fast moves. It's supposed to be the smallest map in the history of Halo's multiplayer. It's set on a space tether that's being constructed and has two levels for players to jump around and frag each other.

The Halo Waypoint site also talks about a new game type included with the pack, called Infinity Rumble. It will be exclusive for a limited time to Majestic Map Pack owners and will feature free-for-all style of play in which players can earn personal ordnance.

Special medal and style kills can shorten the amount of time needed to get this firepower, but just make sure you don't get killed, since there's a slower spawn time in this mode. Majestic owners will also get two new playlists: Majestic FFA DLC (8 players) and Majestic Team DLC (4 vs. 4).

All of this goodness can be yours for 800 Microsoft Points (or $10), and will be available for download on the Xbox Live Marketplace on February 25th, 2013.

Tell us if you're going to partake in the new multiplayer mayhem!